Reasons To Register With An Employment Agency Toronto

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Hoping to find a good position right after graduating from high school or college happens to be the uppermost thing in your mind. So, off you go trying to apply to as many companies as you can find. Yet applying through a job board may find you attending an interview conducted not by the recruiting manager of a huge corporate company but with an employment agency. Well, you do give your best shot and may find be able to get it. Alas! Your dreams turn sour once you discover that you have to part with a percentage of the salary drawn as the fee for the concerned agency. What a downer!

Well, this scenario often comes true but there is no need to be put off by it either. Remember that an employment agency Toronto might actually help you to get a job that suits you to a T. You also get to learn the ropes as you go forward thus capitalizing on the training provided to you by the agency. They do have a right to expect a small fee in exchange for the exemplary service though. So, it is definitely acceptable to pay them a small part of your salary as the fee for obtaining a good position.

The reality

A staffing company will help you to refine your resume and might even assist you in creating a new one before forwarding it to the recruitment manager of a company that needs to fill a vacancy. Training you on the basics of interviews as well appraising you of the work culture of the company will no doubt be an invaluable service that you would not have obtained otherwise. Do not forget that there are no free lunches. You have to pay for every little product or service in the world. Naturally, an employment agency Toronto will not be above this requirement either. The fees vary widely from country to country as well as state to state though. There are certain other criteria that need to be checked carefully before you decide to register with a top placement agency.

There is no one size fits all policy when it comes to the matter of fees for a staffing agency. It is usually a percentage of the first month’s salary or can even be a percentage out of the annual pay packet.

It might be wise to go through the Department of labour’s regulations pertaining to employment agencies both public as well as private in order to keep abreast of the situation.

Now for some good news! There are numerous companies who do not mind covering the expenses for the placement agencies in order to have the right candidates fill their vacancies. That means that you will not have to pay anything at all for getting the job.

There are also numerous instances of companies paying the fee on behalf of their new employees. However, you are welcome to pick and choose the agencies on your own. Do not forget to remain informed, however. Pay if you have to but only do not be duped with false promises.

Where have the vacancies gone?

Did you ever wonder why you are unable to find the most interesting jobs on the job boards that you frequent? Well, the answer is obvious! The companies do not publicize their vacancies. They use employment agency Toronto instead. This helps them to save both time and money.


You do not have to fill your head with doubts either. Feel free to ask the employment agency Toronto to negotiate on your behalf. You will definitely find the salary, commissions or benefits acceptable after the staffing agency acts on your behalf and plays the role of your agent helping you to get the best.